Consensual Financial Domination, Humiliation, Exploitation, Degredation, Manipulation, Blackmail & 'Money Slavery'  

I am the UK's finest genunine Ebony Money MistressÓ Humiliatrix & Financial Dominatrix (FinDomme)

I am currently accepting serious, devoted & willing 'financial slaves' of all types, from novice to experienced.


Are you constantly daydreaming about being financially controlled by a seductive and charming  yet demanding and bitchy Dominatrix? 

Do you fantasise about being under the spell of a superior Mistress who knows just how to verbally abuse you the way you crave? 

Do you long to loyally devote a portion of your hard-earned wages each and every month to your greedy Ebony Money MistressÓ?

Would you relish the opportunity to have your credit cards abused in the correct fashion; for her pleasure only, with little to no regard for your budget? 

Do you have a secret stash of savings that you are just desperate for the RIGHT Mistress to drain away at her leisure, whilst laughing in your face? After all, what use is your money if it is not thoroughly enjoyed? As I am sure you will very soon realise, I DESERVE your cash MORE than you do, and I know EXACTLY how to use it.

Whether online, by phone, or in person, I AM the PERFECT CASH DIVA to school you in becoming the perfect Money Pig, from the pathetic loser you are today.


Experienced Money Pigs: 

Are you seeking a new, more alluring & sophisticated, Ebony Money MistressÓ? Does your current Mistress either not use your cash and abuse your wallet as much as you desire (in other words, an amateur),or is not demanding enough, or doesn't fulfil your (almost insignificant) desires in the way you would like? Has the thrill now gone? Or has she simply disappeared?

Although obvious that my needs are priority, I also know exactly to give my Money Pigs the unique kind of mental and verbal humiliation, manipulation, domination and/ or [consensual] blackmail they each crave; just enough to justify blindly spoiling me with a significant portion of their earnings month after month, year after year. 

I AM the PERFECT CASH DIVA to drive you into the darkest depths of financial slavery; depleting your accounts and keeping the thrill of being my personal Money Pig alive for months and years to come.

Until recently, I have been known in the BDSM scene strictly (& discreetly) by word of mouth, but I now invite submissive men and women (over 18's only) from each and every country in the world to become my personal "man pets"/ "sugar subs"/ "wage slaves"/ "cash slaves"/ "financial slaves"/ "pay pigs"/ "money pigs"/ "cash cows"/ "sissy slaves".


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To avoid possible future confusion, I maintain a strict

'No Tribute = No Time' policy.

Negotiation of any sort is neither acknowledged nor tolerated.

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Let's get this completely clear; the only thing that speaks to me is YOUR MONEY. I am a magnet to it. You, and your life, mean little to nothing to me. I am not your friend or your girlfriend, and I never will be. I will very quickly become that intoxicating, alluring substance you just cannot get enough of. Your resistance to me is futile.

If I accept you as my Money Pig, you will forever more work for ME. You will use every spare penny you have on the maintenance of my extravagant & luxurious lifestyle. I don't care if you end up in poverty. I keep Money Pigs ranging from Minimum Wage Sissy Maids to Masculine C-Level Company Executives.

I don't care if you miss your house payments or you're up to your [receeding] hairline in debt whilst pandering to my every financial need. You will buy me the things I want, and even the things I don't really even want, if I say so. Who cares what I spend it on anyway? It's none of your damn business what I do with the money you so willingly give me. I don't care if it inconveniences you. I don't care if you have a wife and ten mouths to feed. I TAKE PRIORITY.

You may as well sew the name 'Ebony' into your wallet, because I OWN that cash you make. If I demand you to stop at the bank on the way home and transfer a generous portion of your wages to me on pay day; that is exactly what you'll do. Your unwavering, long-term, loyalty & devotion are expected. Your expectations in return should be zero, or in the minus, but the rewards you get from me you will wholly appreciate and cherish for a lifetime - that is guaranteed.

Those who give significant cash tributes will receive the honour of being posted on my tribute wall (Members Area), using your preferred slave name.


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NAME:  Mistress Ebony, to you

AGE:  31

LOCATION:  Home Counties, near London, England

ORIGIN:  British-Caribbean


STARSIGN:  Leo (August)





CASH, Designer Shoes, High Heels & Leather Boots, Tailored Designer Dresses, Designer Lingerie, Fine Designer Perfumes, Bespoke Jewellery; yellow gold, diamonds (naturally), sapphires, rubies, amber, amethyst, peridot, tanzanite & all expensive gifts!  







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