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Ebony Money Mistress Piggy Members/ Inner Circle Only

NEW- announcing the Piggy Inner Circle

An elite circle of top level cash slaves who have proved their worth significantly enough to ensure my [divided] attention. To even be considered, you must have consistently tributed the BARE MINIMUM amount of 10% of your pay packet for three consecutive months, via your preferred payment method. The inner circle will have the opportunity to view and download exclusive photos of me and other Mistresses in my personal network buy our underwear, have access to the Piggy Forum, view my personal Blog, and most importantly, bid against each other to pay my day-to-day expenses in private live auctions, race each other to be first to buy me my 'chosen item of the day', and regularly pool their money to contribute toward the really, really expensive items I crave (like a brand new executive car). This is like the slave version of the Apprentice; you must be prepared to shine. If you meet my impossibly high standards and stand out from the crowd, you may just reach the ultimate level...

Personal Financial Slave/ Piggy of the Month

Each month, there will only be one carefully chosen cash slave who will have reached the pinnacle to be named Piggy of the Month and not only have the honour of 1-to-1 private contact with me (via live phone/text/web) for blackmail & humiliation on a weekly basis, but have priority in all auction events, first choice of exclusive bespoke items and the opportunity to meet me for real time public humiliation ("shopping bitch" privileges; typically in London, England or a European city of my choice). To achieve this honour, be prepared to go over and above the expected standard cash tributes, obeying my every whim & greedy desire. Now you have reached the very top of the Pay Pig pile, how much will you spend to maintain your [sought after] place?