Frequently Asked Questions & Answers




Q. Is that really you in the photos?

A. Yes, of course it is, you fool! I wouldn't have anyone else pose as me for my own website. If you see my photos on any other website, and it does not link back to this website; then someone is stealing from me, and you must report it to me immediately.


Q. You look so exotic Mistress, what is your ethnic origin?

A. I am British by birth, however my family originate from both Barbados (like singer Rihanna) and St. Kitts in the Caribbean. That's enough about my personal business for now...


Q. Are you looking for a part time domestic slave?

A. Not at this time; I have one at my luxury apartment already. However, you may put yourself on the waiting list (only if you are local to the area South West of London, U.K).


Q. Would you consider marrying a money pig, slave or sissy maid?

A. If he was wealthy beyond measure, perhaps...


Q. I want to be owned by you 24/7 Mistress. Am I worthy?

A. I very much doubt that you could sustain my interest and satisfy my demands well enough for me to keep you around full time. After I bleed you dry of cash and humiliate you to breaking point, you will cease to amuse me


Q. Can I take you R/T shopping Mistress?

A. A 'Shopping Bitch' real time session is an option only for those with considerable disposable income, who can travel to Central London. Shopping trips are one to three hours in length. The deposit is GBP £300 cash in advance (that's just the fee for me to turn up). You must prove you have a minimum of GBP £2,000 to spend during the trip, or it wont be worth my time. There is no negotiation of any sort regarding this.  


Q. Can I speak to you on the phone Mistress?

A. Paid Members of this site have access to my [UK] mobile/ cellphone number, and may speak to me, by appointment only, having tributed sufficiently. I also offer Domination by Text/ SMS for those who need a more discreet thrill.


Q. May I purchase any of your personal effects?

A. Yes you may. I auction once per month for Members only. Or you may email me with a request & tribute. Items you may purchase include, my underwear, worn shoes, used lipsticks & more intimate items...



Q. What is your preferred gift, Mistress?

A. CASH. CASH. CASH. Is that clear enough? I have made it easy for you, by giving you both online and offline options as far as sending money goes. So if you need to send cash discreetly with no paper trail, you may do so via UKash. If you want to send money instantly & securely online using your bank card, cheque or credit, you may do so via PayPal, Paxum or Moneybookers (Skrill). See my Tributes & Gifts page for more information. The email address for all tributes is:


Tribute single amount via Moneybookers:




Start GBP£25 weekly maintenance payments via Paxum:



Q. I would like to post you a present. Can I have your mailing address please Mistress?

A. Online Gift certificates will suffice at this time. I really don't want any more obsessed stalkers turning up at my front door!  I will soon have a P.O. Box for gifts to be sent to, and will give you the address of that, on request.


Q. How do I know if you received my gift?

A. If the gift is of significant value, I will post a picture of myself, with it, on my Members blog, for all to admire. You will also get public recognition for it on my blog, if that's what you seek.


Q. How do I participate in the next auction?

A. Auctions are held one Sunday every month and is open to Members only at this time. You may buy your way in to the Members Area for just GBP £100. I will share the Auction date, time and location (most likely to be via Skype) in the Members area. From time to time I will also hold silent auctions on various pieces I own.


A Rabbits Not Just For Christmas - Erotic Capital - Evolved Dream Maker



Q. Why do you change the Members Area password every month?

A. You are emailed a new Members Area password every month (or can receive it by SMS, on request) to stop poor little loser pigs trying to sneak in for free. I don't want the Money Pigs who were rejected by me previously (usually for mis-behaving), having access where they are not wanted. Be grateful you are part of an exclusive club and get to see & participate in things not available to the eyes of the ordinary masses. Do not share your password with anyone else. You have been warned.


Q. What can I expect from your Domination by Text/ SMS Mistress? [UK Only]

A. Total, merciless abuse!  Cruel taunts, orders, tasks, demands, and much much more. Be warned...


Q. I'd like a personal reference from one of your current Money Pigs before I send you my first tribute, so I can check you are the real deal. Is that ok?



Q. Can I buy more photos/ video clips of you, Mistress?

A. New photo sets/ collections of me are coming very soon, early 2012, and will be available for sale in the Members Area. My fetish video clips will very shortly be available via KinkBomb. Stay tuned!


Q. As your Money Pig I want to tribute you as often and as much as possible, but am on a low income. What is the minimum you will accept from me as a tribute?

A. I am greedy and demanding, but I am no fool. No one can squeeze blood out of a stone. I also know that £5 per week is better than £0 per week. Of course I will know exactly how much you earn if you are accepted as my Money Pig, because you are going to show me a recent wage slip. I look at like this: some people- even on low incomes- donate 10% of their income to their church or to charity, therefore you can tribute it to me. You wont even miss 10%, especially when it is being debited by Standing Order, and you will benefit by feeling a true sense of purpose by supporting your Mistress's lifestyle and helping her to live comfortably, in luxury.


Q.  Mistress, how do I view your official Amazon Wishlist?

A. You may view my complete wishlist using the following link. All Gift Certificates (click on image to purchase) must be emailed to:


View My Amazon Wishlist Here!



Q. I am fantasising about you often Mistress. Do you offer any sexual services?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Never. Ever. If you are looking for a whore, look elsewhere! If you are above the age of 18, and happen to find sexual relief whilst looking at my photos, watching one of my video clips, during a webcam session, receiving my kinky texts, or receiving my underwear by post, that is your business. I don't want to know about it, nor do I need to.


Q. Will you strip for me on webcam if I tribute a little more, Mistress?

A. Are you crazy? YOU perform on cam for my amusement, not the other way round. You are tributing me to sit and look fabulous on cam whilst you humiliate yourself on demand. I will always dress sexily on cam, but that is for my pleasure, not yours. None of my clothes are removed. EVER. So don't ask again!


designer mens underwear at giggleberries



Q. Will you chat with me on Yahoo Messenger?

A. Listen; I am far too busy to be chatting on YIM unless I am being paid to do so. Is that clear? Only losers and poor people chat for free. You wont see me on Facebook or Yahoo or Skype chatting unless I have received money for it in advance. I can think of a thousand better things to do with my precious time.


Q. I'm not 18 for a few months, but feel that I am adult enough to serve you. Will you accept me as a Money Pig?



Q. May I serve other Mistresses whilst serving you?

A. I wont stop you, assuming you are just an average lowly money pig, as I know how fickle and disloyal you can be, but I don't want to hear about it either. However, if you have made it into my Inner Circle, you may only serve ME. 'Piggy of the month' / V.I.P. is owned by me, and will be severely punished (by way of complete severance) if he is caught soliciting the attentions/ services of other Mistresses.


Q. Do you work with any other Mistresses?

A. I can, on special request, have a Latina Money Mistress* join me for online domination or 'Shopping Bitch' sessions. In this case, the fees will be doubled, as neither Mistress should be expected to share. *See Gallery page for photos of this Mistress.


Q. Do you accept foreign Money Pigs, Mistress?

A. Of course I do, silly! My Money Pigs may reside anywhere in the world. I accept currency from over 200 countries via Moneybookers & Ukash. You may translate this website via Google to your native language. All emails to me must be written in English, as I am not fluent in any other languages.


Q. May I promote you to other Money Pigs, Mistress?

A. Of course you may. I expect promototion from my Inner Circle Members and V.I.Ps anyway. Promote me via social networking, munches or fetish events. However, if you are caught attempting to set up profiles in my name, pose as me or use my photos without express prior written permission, you will be prosecuted; as everything on this website is copyrighted, monitored and protected by Copyscape.


Q. May I follow you on Twitter and add you on Facebook & Fetlife?

A. You are very fortunate; as I DO let loser Money Pigs add me as a 'friend' and follow my updates.

 Follow me on Twitter:  @EbonyCashDiva 

Facebook:  Ebony GetsPaid  

Fetlife:  EbonyCashDiva

Informed Consent:  Ebony_CashDiva1


Q. Am I your one & only Money Pig, Mistress?

A. Of course you aren't, stupid piggy! You are not rich enough to be my one and only money pig. You will have to be consistent & keep tributing to make yourself stand out from the crowd.







Want to ask Mistress a (sensible) question which isn't answered above? 


Email Mistress Ebony Here




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