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Financial Slaves, Money Pigs & Benefactors:

It is your duty to prove your all-consuming devotion & servitude by contributing toward superior domina Ebony Money Mistress'sÓ upkeep & maintenance!








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Instant Tribute via Paxum



Timewasters Tax: GBP £40

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Pay me by Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, or Cheque via Moneybookers using your email address, and now Pay by SMS (NEW)- register for a free Moneybookers [Skrill] account, using the link above, to use this service. Also: send payment from your mobile phone, to my mobile phone, from anywhere in the world! All major currencies are accepted. FSA regulated.




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Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard®






The Prepaid card that directly links to your Moneybookers [Skrill] Digital Wallet to offer total freedom. Now it's even easier to load with (a generous portion of) your wages specifically for transfering into my account! Accepted in thousands of online and offline shops (including all the ones listed on this website) and at over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide. EU residents only.










~ Bank Transfer ~



Piggy Members & Financial Slaves are required to set up a weekly/ monthly Standing Order directly into my account, via Paxum, Moneybookers or other, email me (or see Members Area for details) - all major currencies are accepted.



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      Offline option ~ 

Buy Cash Vouchers via Ukash



What is UKash?




UKash vouchers are available from wallets, kiosks, ATMs, post offices and petrol stations selected retailers in over 420,000 locations worldwide, most displaying one of the three logos below. Main outlets in most towns & cities in the UK and various other European countries, including, but not limited to: France, Germany, Italy, Spain & The Netherlands. Check link below for specific details.




UKash Locations



Why use UKash?


* Control your spending as you can only use up to the value of your voucher.

* Be safe online, you don't need to provide your financial details to use Ukash.

* Stay private when you are using your money online.





 Email the 19 digit UKash Voucher Reference Code to:  


With either payment option, NONE of your sensitive financial or personal information is ever seen, stored or shared (unless you intend it to be!). You can tribute anonymously if you wish, then only your chosen email address will be seen. 



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Convert Currency


One Hundred Pounds GBP £100 is equivalent to:

EURO €119.9 ~ USD $156.7 ~ CAN $159.8 ~ AUS $154.2

CHN 990.5 ~ JPY 12,195.6 ~ AED 575.6 ~ RUB 4,931.8


All conversions are rounded up, and were calculated on 27.12.11


For accurate, up to the minute, conversion rates of all currencies,

visit: XE Currency Converter



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Gifts always compliment, never replace, tributes!








~ Amazon ~






Minimum Amount ~ GBP £20


-       Always email to:


View my Amazon Wishlist here!



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~ Selfridges & Co ~



Gift Card Minimum Amount GBP£20


Buy Selfridges Gift Cards 



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~ ~ 



Gift Voucher Minimum Amount GBP £50

-          Email to:


Buy ASOS Gift Vouchers



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~ Rigby & Peller ~



Exquisite Lingerie, By Royal Appointment

Internet Gift Voucher denominations: GBP £25, £50 or £100 only


-    Email to:


Buy Rigby & Peller Gift Vouchers Here



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~ Argent of London ~ 




Jewellery. Gift Card Minimum Amount GBP£10

-         Email to:




Inspired Jewellery from Argent of London




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~ Champneys ~



UK Spa & Resorts. Voucher Minimum Amount GBP £50

-        Email to:


Buy Champneys Spa Vouchers



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~ Estellana ~




Fine Perfumes. Gift Certificate Minimum Amount:GBP £20

-         Email to:


Buy Estellana Gift Certificates



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~ Net-A-Porter ~




High-end Fashion. Virtual Gift Card Minimum Amount GBP £50

-       Email to:


Buy Net-A-Porter Gift Cards



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~ Westfield London ~



** Mistress Ebony's Preferred UK Retail Destination**


~ Westfield Gift Card Options ~


Buy Westfields Gift Cards



Prepaid Westfield Maestro Gift Card (Flex-e-card)




Buy Westfields Prepaid Card here!




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DISCLAIMER: It goes (almost) without saying, that you should only ever use debit/ credit card details belonging to and registered to YOU ONLY. If any fraud or extortion by anyone I come into contact with is suspected, it will be reported to the local authorities of which ever country you reside, without hesitation.

Refund Policy: No refunds given on tributes, gifts or services on this website, in any circumstance.

All money tributed to me should be given willingly, and by those of sound mental health (You must be a working adult of over 18 years old and be capable of making independent financial decisions, without supervision). All 'blackmail' play is strictly consensual, and by prior arrangement only. Do not involve innocent third parties into this type of play without their prior knowledge and explicit consent.

Services of a sexual or illegal nature (both virtual or real-time) are neither implied nor offered by anything you see on this website, and any suggestion of this will be at the very least, ignored.


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