Consensual Blackmail Contract  






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The following contract is copyright© of Ebony Money Mistress UK© and cannot be replicated, either in part or wholly. Any individuals or institutions attempting to do this will be stealing my intellectual property, and may be prosecuted.

Money Pig: Are you 100% sure you want to do this? Can you really afford to? Can you afford not to? Stop fantasising about it, and just do it for once, you seedy little wimp! Does it make you scared? You should be. High level blackmail like this is no joke.  This can be an expensive and risky game to play with a highly skilled professional & sadistic Domme. You will now be handing me over enough information for me to [potentially] seriously uproot your pathetic excuse for a life.

Do you really want to risk your wife/ fiancee/ girlfriend/ parents/ boss/ neighbours/ best friend finding out all your deepest, darkest, kinkiest, filthiest secrets? There will be certain people in your life who will cut you off when they find out your secrets (you already know exactly who they are). You may lose your job (you have broken the T&Cs of your work contract, haven't you?). You may have to move to a different town (your neighbours hate you anyway, and will tell the landlord what you have been up to).

Is it that you have been stealing & wearing your flatmates' worn panties/ stockings in secret? Are you on the 'down-low' with a secret gay lover?  Smoking weed when you should be working or in your non-smoking flat? Or just that you have spent your entire life savings on me, your Ebony Money Mistress, when you should be saving for your wedding? What risque fetishes would you hate if anyone found out about? 

Don't think I will take it easy on you for a minute. I am merciless. I will not pity you. EVER.  How far will you go to satisfy me? How much humiliation can you bear? How close are you going to let me take you toward bankruptcy? How much will you sweat & squirm when I have you tightly by the balls over your freaky other life? How soon till you are forced to break this contract?

The following agreement is a binding contract, submitted by you willingly, giving me consent to play Russian Roulette with your life as you know it. Will I really ruin your reputation if you don't give in to my greedy and cruel demands? Hmmm.... Why don't you try me and see? LOSER.

You know you want to...



Dont I look tempting? So pretty and innocent. I couldn't possibly hurt you. Could I? Why don't you put yourself in my seductive venus flytrap, then feel yourself rapidly becoming totally powerless and at my mercy ;)










1. Full legal name, including any middle names?*


2. Have you legally changed names? If so, what was your full name at birth?*


3. All nicknames you have been known as, since birth?*


4. Date of Birth, in full?*


5. Email address[es] & login details?*


6. Facebook login username & password?*


7. Twitter login username & password?*


8. Fetlife/ I.C./ Other login username & password?*


9. Skype login username & password?*


10. Mobile/ cell phone number?*


11. Home telephone number?*


12. Partners' full legal name?*


13. Marital status? (If you are engaged, I want to know the upcoming wedding date and location)*


14. Partners' mobile/ cell number?*


15. Partners' main email address?*


16. Occupation?*


17. Office/ Work address?*


18. Bosses full name?*


19. Bosses direct telephone number & email?*


20. Home address (Town only is fine)?*


21. Flatmates name, if applicable?*


22. Parents' first names?*


23. Parents' home telephone number?*


24. Best friends' full name?*


25. Best friends' contact numbers & email?*


26. Exact amount [& date] of net pay per month (scan and attach a copy of your last wage slip; I need confirmation of £$€ amount)*


27. Monthly disposable income after essential outgoings?*


28. What's the kinkiest fetish/ fantasy you enjoy that no-one knows about?*


29. Have you cheated on your current partner without their knowledge? Give me FULL details.*


30. Have you done anything illegal/ immoral that you need to get off your chest?*


31. List here your FULL typical weekly schedule, including times of any gym sessions, hobbies/ sports, pub/bar visits (include the name of your local). Importantly, include what times you usually leave home for work, and what time you retun on each day.*


32. ALL other pieces of information you think I should be privy to at this stage?*


Evidence required:  recent wage slip*; recent mobile phone statement*; One form of official Photo ID - drivers licence or passport taken on your [naked] lap* (do not even think of covering up your bits..)

*  Required fields



I _________________________________________________ , give my full consent and it is my express written wish that Mistress Ebony, Cash Diva, take full and complete control of the direction my life takes from this point onward. I am of sound mental health, and I freely make my own independent decisions, without support or supervision. Any monies I may spend in conjunction with this contract is my own, solely, and I do not require another adults' permission to use it. I am a adult over eighteen years old.




Dated: ___________________________



Signed: ______________________________





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You will copy and paste the above questions, and your answers, into a Word document so you can fill it out in full, print off, sign and scan back on to an email. Along with the attached evidence I require and your confirmation of the paid contract [gift] tribute of £100 (Absolutely NO refunds given, under any circumstance). Any contracts received without the tribute will be deleted immediately, without exception. I will accept your tribute via Paxum, Moneybookers, UKash OR Amazon Gift Certificate.

Always Use








>> WARNING! <<





Anyone found to have submitted false information or someone else's personal details, will be blacklisted amongst the BDSM community worldwide, and will not be accepted by any other Mistresses or Dommes for the forseeable future.

Be warned, this contract is ongoing, and has NO end date. There will be no negotiation of any sort tolerated.  I don't take this lightly, and nor should you.

This is a fun little game for me, and it doesn't have to end badly for you- as long as you do everything in your power to keep me 100% satisfied. My prediction is it will become an addiction for you; you will dream of it, wake up every morning excited at the prospect of more new challenges & tasks from me to fill your empty life...

However, disobey me, and you may find you will have to eventually buy your way out- if you get too scared... And by the way; I DON'T play fair.




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DISCLAIMER: It goes (almost) without saying, that you should only ever use debit/ credit card details belonging to and registered to YOU ONLY. If any fraud or extortion by anyone I come into contact with is suspected, it will be reported to the local authorities of which ever country you reside, without hesitation.

All money tributed to me should be given willingly, and by those of sound mental health (You must be a working adult of over 18 years old and be capable of making independent financial decisions, without supervision). All 'blackmail' play is strictly consensual, and by prior arrangement only. Do not involve innocent third parties into this type of play without their prior knowledge and explicit consent.

Refund Policy: No refunds given on any tributes, gifts or services on this website, in any circumstance.

Services of a sexual or illegal nature (both virtual or real-time) are neither implied nor offered by anything you see on this website, and any suggestion of this will be at the very least, ignored.


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