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Ebony Money Mistress© Presents: Discreet Erotic Domination, Humiliation, Exploitation & Consensual Blackmail daily, via SMS (strictly by prior agreement).




Text Me Now On: * * * * *


Personal mobile number given only to those who have tributed sufficiently!



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Be [willingly] dominated, humiliated, degraded, & exploited by me LIVE via webcam; strictly by appointment. All sessions take place via Skype, and are priced in the following blocks of time:


>> Up to 15 minutes: GBP £50 Tribute <<

>> Up to 30 minutes: GBP £100 Tribute <<

>> Up to 45 minutes: GBP £150 Tribute <<

>> Up to 60 minutes: GBP £200 Tribute <<



Fees must be tributed- in cash- in advance, via Paxum, Moneybookers or Ukash (See images below for links). You must then book a time with me via my email address: paymistressebony@gmail.com

I will confirm by reply and give you my Skype details.  There is no negotiation of any sort. Tributes for my time are non-refundable.






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Your very own LIVE line directly to me; Ebony Money Mistress©. WARNING: You MUST be over 18 to use this telephone service, as our conversation will include explicit adult themed subjects including, but not limited to: x-rated fetishes, sexual fantasies and kinky roleplays.








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I am currently accepting new contracts for consensual blackmail. See page on menu for full details. GBP £100 Application fee applies, as standard.











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Keyholding (Enforced Chastity) Service: You may, on request & with significant tribute, get down on your knees in submission before me and beg me to hold your key; keeping you in total chastity until I see fit. Email me for details.



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If you specifically crave the highest level, sophisticated and very public, real-time humiliation & exploitation, then you might consider becoming my shopping bitch for the afternoon. Have the pleasure of being my Human ATM, holding my shopping bags, while I drain your wallet. Walking too slow? Feel my wrath. Dropped one of my shopping bags? Prepare for a vicious tongue-lashing! Bursting for the toilet? Let's see if you can cross your legs till I'm finished trying on all these shoes. Only another hour or so until I'm done shopping anyway, so you can hold it. Now snort for the Sales Assistant, like a good Piggy...


* Are you able meet me in Central London?

* Do you have in excess of GBP £2,000 available to spend on the day?

* Have you paid the GBP £300 deposit via Paxum/ Moneybookers/ Ukash?


If you answered yes to all three questions, then you may request my presence via a politely worded email:  paymistressebony@gmail.com







TERMS: Shopping Bitch sessions take place on Saturday, Sunday or UK Bank Holiday afternoons only. Must be booked (with deposit) a minimum of 14 days in advance. Shopping will take place in a public retail location in Central London and will be a maximum of 3 hours in length. Other than spending your money, nothing other than shopping is guaranteed or offered; including intimate conversation or 1-2-1 lunch or dinner dates. I cannot be expected to wait whilst you purchase personal items for yourself or others. If there is a break in the session at any time whilst you do this, I WILL leave, and there will be absolutely no refunds for any money spent. If a duo is required for the shopping trip, this can be arranged, at double the fees. If you use credit cards or unsecured loans to purchase items for me during our shopping session, you may incur a debt, and no financial responsibility will be taken for this. No financial negotiation is acknowledged or tolerated. If you know you cannot afford this service, do not book it!


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Here is your golden opportunity guys; if you've ever fantasised about spoiling yourself by going shopping with a true Diva Domme to buy ladies clothes for yourself.

This is the Ultimate Cross Dressing Service for wannabe sissies, sissymaids, transvestites and submissive men.

You will meet me in a town local to me, in which no-one knows or would recognise you. You will enjoy a fabulous two-hour high street shopping trip, in which we will shop for lingerie, uniforms, make-up and high heels, and more.

I will be your personal stylist, and will advise you of the best products for your skin type & colouring, and the best clothes to suit your blossoming feminine figure. 

Then you can transform yourself into a pretty girly doll; trying all your purchases under my expert supervision. I will of course photograph the results of the makeover as a keepsake, if you wish.

We will end the afternoon with a light lunch or cosy coffee while we recap on the day.

This shopping trip is the ONLY time it's all about you.



Enquire Here



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*NEW- More discreet r/t roleplay offered to discerning clientele -


Enquire Here




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Have the honour of becomming a Piggy Member, and have access to the password protected Members Area of this site. There you will find exclusive content; personal information; contact details; live events- such as my monthly auctions; piggy forum, Mistress shop & much more. Stand out from the crowd, pass my tests, and you may be selected to join my Inner Circle, or be awarded with the ultimate accolade: "Piggy of the Month" (V.I.P.).




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>> Twitter: @EbonyCashDiva <<


>> Facebook: Ebony GetsPaid <<


>> Fetlife: EbonyCashDiva <<


>> Skype:  See Members Area <<


>>Yahoo:  See Members Area <<







DISCLAIMER: It goes (almost) without saying, that you should only ever use debit/ credit card details belonging to and registered to YOU ONLY. If any fraud or extortion by anyone I come into contact with is suspected, it will be reported to the local authorities of which ever country you reside, without hesitation.

All money tributed to me should be given willingly, and by those of sound mental health (You must be a working adult of over 18 years old and be capable of making independent financial decisions, without supervision). All 'blackmail' play is strictly consensual, and by prior arrangement only. Do not involve innocent third parties into this type of play without their prior knowledge and explicit consent.

Refund Policy: Stricly NO refunds given on any tribute, gift or service on this website, in any circumstance.

Services of a sexual or illegal nature (both virtual or real-time) are neither implied nor offered by anything you see on this website, and any suggestion of this will be at the very least, ignored.


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